by Satevis

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Debut EP from the NY based Blackened Death Metal band Satevis


released December 14, 2010



all rights reserved


Satevis New York, New York

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Track Name: Endless Perdition
Burning oil and crimson mist
Passionately caress my lips
Fires burn, splashing auburn across
The battlefield

And in the shadows in front of me
Lies an enemy I cannot see
In the grass and in the trees
My enemy sets his sights on me

Smoke blackens out the sky
And in the puddles of blood
I see the images of life back home
Of where I'm loved, where it's safe,
Someplace that's far away from here
Track Name: The Collapse Part I: Catalyst
Mist pierces down to the bone
As the December sun
Tries in vain to rise
Above the treeline
It is here where it all began
Where love and hatred wound together

Trecesson in Morbihan
Tend the green in summer sun
You arrived in late July
With fiance by your side

As our eyes had met
We new what was to become
And that very night
All was set to be undone

'Neath starry skies
And spying eyes
We engaged in carnal romance
On dampened moss
With clothing lost
We threw our caution to the wind

It was no sooner than the fall
That our excursions had ceased
As whispers grew to screams
Our secrets were revealed

With a hatred so fierce
He could not be controlled
And that very night would be our last
Just as it was fortold

'Neath starry skies
And raging eyes
He called me to the courtyard
On soggy ground
Tempest abound
Our love was shattered forever

With the crack of the cropwhip I fell to my knees
And the mud seeped slowly through my fingers
As the rain washed blood into my eyes
I swore I would achieve my vengeance
And you will not know when and will not know how
But one day I will find you
And kill you right there where you stand
And take my beloved back with me
Track Name: The Collapse Part II: Linear Thoughts
After many years of a vagabond existence
I find myself close to you again
The opportunity arose
I would not let my efforts die in vain
The note arrived in your powder room
And your curiostiy could not refrain
So you slit the wax, unfold the note
And thought of that night in the rain

Tonight is the night and I feel it in my blood
As the whole city gathers for the opera
With pistol in hand and whiskey calming my nerves
I watch as they arrive at the gala
I push through the crowd
Though my nomad state of being draws some eyes
But it will be of no concern to anyone
The instant that that bastard dies

With the crack of the flintlock he fell through his knees
And the smoke wafted slowly through the silence
As rain washed blood into the streets
I knew I had acheived my vengeance
But you do not know me or the man I've become
Even though this day I have found you
And killed this man right where he stood
But my beloved is not coming with me

Running away shedding anguishing tears
As his blood gets cold on the ground
But all that I see and all that I know
Is a hatred, a fervor that cannot be bound

And I will raze Paris, I'll burn it all down for you
And I will slaughter the innocent, I'll smite them all down for you

My offers go unanswered
I never heard from you again
I listen for your voice
I can hear it calling on the wind.
Track Name: Restless Spirit
Once there was a large wall
That could not be broken
Once there was a fire
That could not be put out
But soon that wall crumbled
and the fire gave way to ice
The protection from the pain
had faded away

A man lay unprotected
Next to the rubble that remained
Exposed to a new world
The man went on exploring
But what he saw was not what he would expect
For the world was cold and harsh
A lesson to be learned
Disappointment is the only constant

Frustration grew as he could not change
what he observed that day
Fate had played a cruel trick
Showing those he could not save

The snow started to fall
White powder covered the ground
Buried the corpses
Of the nameless dead
The man wanted to scream
but a voice that had never been used
Could conjure no sound
So the man went on his way

He searched for others
Hoping it was just a dream
Wishing for ignorance
And freedom
He sought to change
A fate written in the stars
To show that we make our own way

But just as a wolf
The man howled his sorrow
At a dark sky
Staring at the moon
But never reaching for it
For if we never know
That something greater exists
We may never try to find it

After many nights of walking
the man reached his wall
broken and tired
He laid down to rest
Closed his eyes and went to sleep
A fate fulfilled
Track Name: Centralia
Gaze upon
Wisps of white steam rising up
On the hill
Fires burn

Kneel down
And feel the heat of 50 years

Breath deep
And smell the stench of sulphurous blight
Choke your lungs
Burn your eyes

Listen close
And hear the rumbling sounds below

And all was still
In the mornings dreary blue light
As I stood there
Cold and alone

Draped in a shroud of sorrowful silence
Ruins extend 'long a gray horizon
The tides of time have come and gone
Washing away all that was
Ivy besets the aging stone
And shadows grow long in the waning light
Effluvium fills the empty streets
The air gets cold at the onset of night

Draped in a shroud of sorrowful silence
Ruins extend 'long a gray horizon
The tides of time have come and gone
Washing away all that was
And I stand atop this hill
At the gates of Centralia